We are an organization serving as rector of the exercise and professional valuation practice at the Pan American area and with international significance, which has been possible thanks to the efforts and perseverance of the people and institutions that founded it, and to the continuity of action of subsequent generations and the administrations from different countries.


Created as a global entity with a common vision and mission to support and favor the adequate training and continuous improvement of its members, making it one of the leading multinational valuation organizations worldwide.



To strengthen the essence of its international origin, the organizations and the valuers of UPAV member countries regularly attend international meetings and events, among which the following stand out.


• Appraisal Institute Meetings
• International Valuation Standards Committee Annual Directors Meeting
• FIABCI International Directors Meeting
• Meetings and conferences of the Council of International Advisors of the Appraisal Foundation (INTAC)



With its constant expansion of knowledge and exchange of experiences, UPAV, through its member organizations, has initiated contacts with its counterparts in the European and Australian continents, among them The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), headquartered in England; The European Group of Valuation (TEGOVA); Pan Pacific, headquartered in New Zealand – all institutions with it often shares in the international meetings to which it attends.