The General Assembly is the supreme body of UPAV. The administration is in charge of the Board of Directors appointed every two years during the Panamerican Valuation Congress and corresponds with the country whose member association has organized and hosted the Congress.


Also forming the governing body of UPAV are the Advisory Council and the functional bodies constituted by the Panamerican Education, Standards, Information and Documentation, and Interinstitutional Relations Committees.


Each committee has a Permanent Secretariat under the responsibility and headquartered in the countries appointed as stipulated in the respective regulations. The current structure is:


• Panamerican Education Committee – Federación de Colegios de Valuadores FECOVAL, A.C.
• Secretary: Julio Torres Coto. Instituto Mexicano de Valuacion de Baja California, Mexico.
• Panamerican Standards Committee – Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliaçõ es e Pericias de Engenharia − IBAPE.
• Secretary: Osório Accioly Gatto (Brasil). Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliaçõ es e Pericias de Engenharia de Sao Paulo, Brasil
• Panamerican Information and Documentation Committee – Sociedad de Ingeniería de Tasación de Venezuela (SOITAVE)
• Secretary: María Emilia Pereira Colls. SOITAVE Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela.
• Panamerican International Relations Committee – Sociedad Colombiana de Avalúos (SCA)
• Secretary: Econ. Clemencia Parra. Sociedad Colombiana de Avalúos


The General Assembly meets at least every two years at the Panamerican Valuation Congress, with the goal is monitoring the management and progress of the Board of Directors. They also deal with pertinent topics and themes in accordance with the Statutes and Internal Regulation of UPAV.


The Board of Directors lasts two years in their positions, and is appointed in even years by the General Assembly, to which it must report on its progress. Their responsibilities are regulated by the Statutes, Internal Regulation and Regulations of the Panamerican Committees.